Chelsea: the Great Spring / Autumn Show

Who doesn’t love a show? And when it’s the Chelsea Flower Show, it’s irresistible. Not only is this uniquely magical event a firm fixture in the London social scene, it has justifiably taken its place amongst the world’s great garden and horticultural shows. A touch of glamour, grounded in commercial reality Traditionally held every year in May in the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, the show is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society. It is attended, naturally enough, by members of the British royal family. The Chelsea Flower Show represents the very best in horticulture, floral displays, and gardens designs. Prizes in five categories and numerous specialist awards are highly sort after – not just for the honour of winning, but for the status they provide and the resultant commercial potential. Competition is fierce and produces stunning results! If there’s any doubt about the importance of the Chelsea Flower Show, consider this: it’s probably the most visible such event i

Getting it right, from the start

  or how experience teaches us how to think ahead. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a great plan that fails because it’s based on the wrong information. It’s the same with landscape gardening. Whether you’re rejuvenating an established garden or creating something brand new, careful preparation is key to success. The right planning will deliver gardens that are not just a long term pleasure, it will unlock the hidden wonders of the natural world. Thinking: inside or outside the box? And there’s nothing like experience to show us how things can be done better. Only through experience is it possible to properly understand quite why specific choices will have particular outcomes. Of course, we can all do some research and find information online (and in books!) and we might even be able to produce appealing garden designs, based purely on theory.   But it’s only with experience that the garden designer, plantsperson, and landscape specialist will be able to develop the

Fresh Ideas, grown from experience

Where we live and how we live matters. The landscapes around us – rural, urban or suburban – influences how we live, what we take and what we give back. Finding the right balance can be tricky. And the landscapes we inhabit have a huge influence on how we approach the search for contentment – that sweet spot somewhere between ambition, happiness and satisfaction at what we do and what we’ve achieved. The nature of a place has value This is true regardless of location. The design of an office building influences mental health and productivity. The impact of how a garden is laid out can produce reactions as different as indifference, lifelong curiosity, wonder, and well-being. Thoughtfully landscaped open spaces around places of work can transform the whole environment for the better. Carefully planned landscaping can also, quite literally, improve the nature of a place, encouraging wildlife and protecting animal and bird life that are otherwise under threat. Careful, tho